Welcome to our school

Welcome to Lydgate Junior School.

We aim to ensure that all children receive a high quality, enjoyable and exciting education.

We feel that our school is a true reflection of the community we serve. Lydgate children are well motivated and come from a range of social and cultural backgrounds. Within the school community we appreciate the richness of experience that the children bring to school. This enhances the learning experiences of everyone and it also gives all pupils the opportunity to develop respect and tolerance for each other by working and playing together. We want your child's time at Lydgate to be memorable for the right reasons - that is, a happy, fulfilling and successful period of his/her childhood.

Yours sincerely,
Stuart Jones




We are proud to call ourselves a ‘Rights Respecting School’

In November 2016 we achieved Level 1 in the Rights Respecting Schools Award. An assessor from UNICEF spent the day in school and looked at the many ways in which the Articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child now underpin all that we do at Lydgate Junior School. They were very impressed with all that we had done so far and commented that we had achieved a great deal very quickly. They set us the following targets;

*     Embed the UNCRC across the whole curriculum

*     Provide training for mid day supervisors as part of producing a lunchtime charter which both

       adults and children develop together promoting positive actions to ensure everyone can enjoy

       their rights

*     Develop further and deepen Global Learning

*     Engage with other local schools on RRS, in particular Lydgate Infant School and Tapton School

  • We are now working towards Level 2. It should take us about 2 years until we have met all the criteria for this stage.

Find out more about  being a RRS here.

In consultation with our whole school community, we have created a Whole School Charter (see it here) and each class in school now creates their own Class Charter in September. The children select the articles that they feel are going to make their classroom a caring, thoughtful and hardworking place. The children then decide what actions they and the adults who work with them have to undertake to ensure the rights are respected. This forms the basis of the behaviour management within each classroom.

Many of our School Policies now include reference to the Articles from the UN convention to show how deeply embedded the ethos of a Rights Respecting School is in all that we do. Each week every class has a Rights Respecting School lesson (RRS). For half of the year this has a PSHE focus and for the other half it has a Global Citizenship focus.

Our Star of the Week certificates, which are issued to one child in each class every week, are closely linked to our Whole School Charter which is divided into 4 sections; Respect, Staying Safe, Learning and Play. Children who have clearly shown good examples of behaviour that reflects one of these 4 strands are rewarded by being made Star of the Week in the year group assemblies. Their certificate is displayed in the hall and they receive a golden star badge.

Foodbank Collection

The year 5 parents contributed to a collection at the end of our big assembly. We raised £109. We have now spent this and delivered it to the foodbank. A huge thank you to the year 5 parents the foodbank are really!


Sports News 

We are thrilled to have been awarded the School Games Silver Mark for 2016/17. This recognises the commitment to sport and games at Lydgate Junior School by staff and pupils alike. Next year we are going for gold!!!!           



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