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An Introduction to Autism @ Lydgate Infant School (6.00-7.30 p.m.)

Dear Parent/Carer

An Introduction to Autism by Shona Murphy

We would like to invite parents to attend ‘An Introduction to Autism’ by Shona Murphy which will be held at Lygate Infant School Wednesday 6 May between 6.00 – 7.30 p.m.

Shona is an autistic parent to two autistic children. She has an MA in autism (distinction) and currently works as an autism trainer, public speaker and supporting autistic people and their families

The workshop will benefit those who are autistic or have a friend or family member who is autistic. It is intended for those people right at the beginning of their autism learning journey. This workshop will cover and critique some definitions of autism, describe some of the characteristics, break a few stereotypes, and introduce attendees to other resources where one can learn about autism from autistic people.

The first hour will be a presentation and then there will be time for questions and discussion afterwards.

In order to determine numbers it would be helpful if you could register for this workshop by the link below.

Accessibility information:

Unfortunately, there isn’t wheelchair access because the hall is upstairs and the school does not have a lift. If this means you cannot attend, please get in touch as we can arrange priority access at one of the other wheelchair accessible events or I can find another way of getting the information to you.

The school hall is large and airy and is the acoustics can be a bit echoey.

The chairs are small children's chairs but are fine for most adults to use for the length of this talk. If these are not suitable please let me know and I will source a different chair.

Many thanks

B Noble


Lydgate Junior School

06-May-2020 - 06-May-2020