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RRS - Kids Against Plastic Walk (2.30 p.m.)

Dear Parents/Carers

As part of our work as Rights Respecting School, each year we launch a campaign to raise awareness about one particular issue. In 2017 we campaigned to make the crossing on Manchester Road safer and in 2018 we took part in the ‘Make Schools Safe’ campaign. This year, our campaign aims to reduce the use of single use plastic in our school, our homes, our local community and in our city. We are aiming to become a Plastic Clever School.

We will be learning about this issue in our RRS lessons but we also need to take action so that our campaign leads to not only increased awareness of the issue but a change in the way we use (or preferably don’t use!) plastics.  The children will be writing letters to a wide variety of people asking for their support and urging them to consider their own use of plastics. To ensure our campaign has maximum impact, we are going to involve as many people as we can…..and this includes you!

We would like you to collect the plastic you use as a family over the course of ONE WEEK and take a photograph of it. Then either send in a paper copy of the photo or send a copy to our school e mail address - We will then collate all our photos into a giant collage displayed in school. All photos to be sent by Friday May 17th. Please then recycle your plastics where possible!

To learn more about becoming a Plastic Clever School visit the website set up by 2 inspirational young people; Kids Against Plastic.

This a great clip of Amy and Ella explaining why they set up the charity and what they hope to achieve.

On Thursday May 23rd we are going to go on an awareness raising march through Crosspool shops. We are not protesting against the shops! The whole school will be marching together, carrying posters and banners to show our commitment to our campaign. We would love you to join us! We will be setting off at 2 30 pm, marching up Manchester Road, then up Selborne Road, through the shopping precinct and then back down Manchester Road, returning to school in time for the end of the school day.

If you have any suggestions of ways in which we can have even greater impact in our campaign, please let us know.

Mrs A Parker      Rights Respecting Schools Coordinator
23-May-2019 - 23-May-2019