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RE: River Walk – Thursday 11th July

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to tell you about the river trip taking place for the children in year 5 on Thursday 11th July. During the River Walk, we follow the path of the River Porter to find its source. This will take place during the school day, with the whole year group walking from school to Endcliffe Park, through Bingham Park and on to Forge Dam. From there we continue up the valley to the source of the river, where we will have a picnic lunch. We then do the return journey back to school, returning in time for the end of the school day. At Forge Dam the children will be given an opportunity to buy an ice-cream.

As this is a long walk, please make sure your child wears comfortable walking shoes, boots or trainers. They will be able to wear weather appropriate non-uniform; shorts, sun-cream and a hat or waterproof trousers and coats. We will be carrying a litre of water each in a bucket, to demonstrate resilience and develop empathy,which links to our recent water work in topic lessons.


Up to £3 if you would like an ice-cream,

A packed lunch and resealable drink,

Weather appropriate non-uniform clothing,

Comfortable shoes,

A large bucket!

This is always a very enjoyable day for the children and the staff and we invite as many parents as are able to join us. Please follow the link on the email to complete the short online form stating whether you would be able to come with us and support us on this visit.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Parker (Year 5 Leader) and the Year 5 teaching team

11-Jul-2019 - 11-Jul-2019