Letters and Information

School Covid19 Positive Case - 16 November 2020

Pupil Isolation Leaflet - 9 Nov 2020

Letter from Greg Fell (Director of Public Health - SCC) 9 Nov 2020

Positive Covid19 Case - 14 October 2020

School COVID19 - Risk Assessment

NHS - Test and Trace - 26 Sept 2020

The end of the academic year 2019-20 (Director of Public Health) 16 July 2020

Letter from Andrew Jones (Director of Education) 14 July 2020

Changes to wider opening (Councillor Abtisam Mohammed) 10 June 2020

Changes to wider opening (Director of Public Health - SCC) 29 May 2020

Changes to wider opening (Councillor Abtisam Mohammed) 29 May 2020 

Wider opening of School – 27 May 2020

Government Announcement (Y6 Parents) – 21 May 2020

Update from Director of Public Health (SCC) 

School Closure (LJS) – 20 March 2020

School Closures (SCC) – 20 March 2020

Covid 19 – general advice to school and school’s response – 18 March 2020

Sheffield SEND Parent Guide

Director of Public Health (SCC) – 12 March 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Home Learning Resources

Why aren’t Year 6 pupils going back yet?

Are you open in the school summer holidays?

Does my child have to wear school uniform?

Do my children have to be back full time?

Will my child be safe?

I have more than one child – how will a staggered start work?

Why aren’t after school clubs operating when school reopens to more pupils?

Without wrap-around activities or child care I will not be able to return to work – what is happening to help me?

Will children still move year group in September?

Aren’t some children being left behind?

My child is really upset about missing their friends. What can we do?

Why are other schools doing things differently?

Can I read the guidance for schools?

Who can attend now?

How do children get free school meals when they are not at school?

I cannot juggle working from home and managing my children’s home learning – what should I do?

What preparation will Year 6 children get before their move to Secondary school?

Why has ‘wider opening’ been delayed?

My child has Special Needs – who can I talk to about this?

Is there an explanation of what ‘wider opening’ means?

Frequent handwashing – is that still the advice?