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Welcome to Lydgate Junior School.

We aim to ensure that all children receive a high quality, enjoyable and exciting education.

We feel that our school is a true reflection of the community we serve. Lydgate children are well motivated and come from a range of social and cultural backgrounds. Within the school community we appreciate the richness of experience that the children bring to school. This enhances the learning experiences of everyone and it also gives all pupils the opportunity to develop respect and tolerance for each other by working and playing together. We want your child's time at Lydgate to be memorable for the right reasons - that is, a happy, fulfilling and successful period of his/her childhood.

Yours sincerely,
Stuart Jones

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Welcome to Year 3!

The Y3 Team includes Mrs Dutton & Mrs de Brouwer (3D/deB), Miss Cunningham (3EC), Mrs Webb & Mrs Watkinson (3W/W) and Miss Roberts & Mrs Noble (3AR). We have three Teaching Assistants who work with small groups and help across the four classes: Mrs Dale, Ms Kania and Mr Swain. Mrs Proctor, one of the School Governors, also helps out in all four classes.

We will use this blog to keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things that we do in Year 3, share some of the things that the children learn and show you some of their fantastic work. We hope you enjoy reading it!

The Y3 team.


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Welcome to the Y4 blog. We know that the question that children are mostly asked as they leave school is 'What did you do today?' The response is often 'nothing'! Well, here is where you can find what 'nothing' looks like. In our weekly blogs we will share with you what your children have been getting up to and all of the wonderful work that they have been doing. The Y4 team consists of the following teachers: Mrs Shaw and Mrs Drury in Y4S/D, Mrs Smith and Mrs Smith (this is not a typo!) in Y4S/S, Miss Norris in Y4HN and Miss Wall in Y4AW. The children are supported by our teaching assistants too, including Mrs Biggs, Mr Jenkinson and Mrs Tandy. We also have help from Miss Lee, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Flynn and Mrs Wolff. Some of the children are lucky enough to spend time in The Hub too with Mrs Tandy. What a team!

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Welcome to the Year 5 Blog page.

The Year 5 teaching team includes our class teachers, Mrs Parker (5AP), Mrs Rougvie and Mrs Jones (5RJ), Miss Reasbeck and Mrs Ridsdale (5RR) and Mrs Holden (5SH). . Many children are supported by Mrs Hill and Mrs Allen (the Year 5Teaching Assistants) who work with children across the 4 classes. Our Year 5 teaching team aims to create a stimulating learning environment that is safe, happy, exciting and challenging, where each pupil is encouraged to achieve their full potential.

As a parent or carer, you play a massively important role in your child's development and we'd love to work closely with you. Please feel free to make an appointment to see us if you want to discuss your child's attitude to learning, their progress, attainment or anything else that might be on your mind. We'd also love to hear from you if you have any skills that we could use to make our Year 5 curriculum even more exciting. Are you an avid reader, a talented sportsman, a budding artist, a mad scientist or a natural mathematician? Would you be willing to listen to children read on a regular basis? If so, please contact your child’s class teacher. Similarly, if you have a good idea, a resource, a 'contact' or any other way of supporting our learning in year 5, please let us know.

We are working very hard to ensure your child has a successful year 5, please help us with this by ensuring your child completes and returns any homework they are given each week. If there are any issues regarding homework or your child finds a particular piece of homework challenging, then please do not hesitate to come and speak to us. In order to help improve your child’s reading skills, increase their vocabulary and develop their comprehension skills, we also ask that you listen to your child read and ask them questions to ensure they have understood what they have read.

We look forward to keeping you up to date on the exciting things that we do in year 5 through our year group blog.

The Year 5 Team

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We are the children in Y6 at Lydgate Junior School. There are 120 of us and our teachers are: Mrs Purdom, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Loosley and Mrs Wymer. Our Monday and Thursday morning teachers are Mrs Farrell, Miss Lee and Mrs Grimsley.We are also very lucky to be helped by Mrs Ainsworth, Mrs Cooper, Mr Jenkinson and Mrs Hornsey. We use this space to share all of the great things that are happening in our classrooms. Join us each week on our learning journey....

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16 Nov 2017

Friday 17th November

Y6CW go down into the woods.

Earlier in the week, we had our second forest school lesson.  We made some leaf teddies out of pillow cases, which we brought from home.  First we cut the pillow cases into squares and then stapled up the sides.  After this we filled them with leaves and other materials that we found on the forest floor.  We then tied up the top with string to make two ears and then drew faces on them with felt tips.  This is what a few of us think about our forest school lessons.  
"They are really good and I really love the hot chocolate."  Sophie L H
"I think the games that we play in the forest are really fun and it's nice to play them after doing our activities."  Sophie H
"Forest school lessons are really exciting and it was lots of fun to make our creatures and the hot chocolate is delicious."  Ranya
"The forest school lessons are really adventurous.  Lots of our creatures looked really cute."  Liza

Y6NL have also been doing Forest Schools. 

Last week we made some little forest creatures, thinking of names and super powers for them, then this week we made dens for them.
We had to think of good places that gave them shelter and could only use what we found in the forest. We then made some videos about their homes which we enjoyed watching later.  Everyone enjoyed making their own little pets and the dens for them. Mrs Loosley got us hot chocolate and some yummy biscuits (digestives if you want to know).
Y6JP finish their Class Charter
It's also on a woodland theme! We chose our articles based on what we feel is important as a class - good learning, the right to be heard, the opportunity to play and have privacy and to treat each other well. We have talked a lot in our class about kindness, fairness, honesty and understanding and we think our charter reflects this really well. It's just outside our door so we can be reminded every day!
Intra School Rugby Tournament

Today there was a big rugby tournament between 6JP and 6CW.  6JP boys just managed to win by a couple of points but 6CW girls won their games overall.  It was a really fun event and we thank Mr Wright who has been involved in coaching us over the last half term.  We are intending to have another tournament just before Christmas only the focus this time will volleyball.
And finally........
Bethany Crookes(Y6NL)  and Millie Hannay (Y6JP) have been doing their own things to raise money for Children in Need.
They did a ramble (7.5 mile walk up Stanedge Edge) and held a bake-sale this week.                            
Bethany said, ''Children in Need is a great cause and I' m delighted to be fund raising money for such an amazing thing.'' They raised over £200  all together which is awesome!
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08 Nov 2017

Friday 10th November

The Scottish Play comes to Year 6!

We had a real treat on our first day back to school. We enjoyed an interactive theatre performance by the Young Shakespeare Company. The play was Macbeth (the Scottish Play).

Macbeth is a tragedy by William Shakespeare; it is thought to have been first performed in 1606. This performance was a dramatic/amazing experience. 

 It's about a man called Macbeth who  one day is told that he will become king by 3 witches. So when he finds out that the original King (Duncan) is coming to his castle him and his wife plot to kill him. In the morning, Macduff sees the King is dead and the King's children flee to England and Ireland. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are crowned King and Queen at a royal banquet but Macbeth has secretly hired two murderers to kill Banquo and Fleance because they are getting suspicious. Macduff then goes to England to join the King's son's army to fight Macbeth. Macbeth soon finds out that they are making a army so he kills Macduff's family and servants from the castle. Macbeth goes mad and goes to see the witches again to see if they can tell him what the future holds for him.  It all ends in a bloody battle where Macbeth is killed by Macduff and finally, Malcolm is crowned King. All hail Malcolm, King of Scotland!

We had a fantastic time as you can see by the photos below.

Macbeth and Banquo meet three witches on the heath

 "Macbeth was getting cursed by the three witches to be crowned king. I thought the masks were weird and a bit freaky." by Jaden.

 "I liked the part when the witches said thier spell, it looks like they are cursing Macbeth." Haadya. 

Lady Macbeth receives a letter telling her about the encounter

" Lady Macbeth is driven by ambition. She is hard on the inside and softer on the outside. She's a manipulative character." Kris.

King Duncan visits the castle

Macbeth kills the King so that he can become King.

 Macbeth hires murderers to kill Banquo and Fleance

"I think that Macbeth was a bit crazy for killing his friend for getting suspicious about him becoming King  even though Banquo can't do anything to him." by Mahammed.

Macbeth goes insane and thinks he sees Banquo's ghost at the banquet.

"When the ghost of Banquo came in, it was a bit creepy because he had blood all over his face and hair." By Issy .

."I liked the part where Banquo came back from the dead and was really bloody." DIshita and Lloyd.

There is a bloody battle between Macbeth and Macduff.

My favourite part was the EPIC battle between Macduff and Macbeth at the end of the play". Oscar

"My favourite part was when Macbeth got called a coward by Macduff and everyone said 'oohh' ". Leo."

Macbeth is slain and Malcolm becomes King!

 "I was surprised that Malcolm became king and not Macduff because Macduff killed Macbeth so he deserved to be King." Isobel.

"This is where McDuff kills Macbeth. I found this part very thrilling and exciting. I liked that it was in slow motion." by Rebecca.

AND IN OTHER NEWS............

Huge congratulations to our athletics squad who went to the EIS on Wednesday.

 "We had lots of fun and also came 2nd out of 6 schools.Which means that we have got into the semi-finals which is only less than a month away  Yay! We all are very excited, including our teachers!"

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27 Oct 2017

Friday 27th October

This morning we were lucky enough to go and have a Science lesson at King Edwards Secondary school.  We tried lots of exciting ideas with static and experimented making series and parallel circuits.  Mr Feylen brought people out to the front.  We had to put our hands on the static ball and it really made our hair stand on end.  We also used balloons to pick up paper, change the direction of the water coming from the tap and then got them to stick on to walls.  It was a really fun morning. 
This afternoon we are watching a film called holes in our PJs!  


We have been doing Forest School this week. We had lots of fun making dens for woodland creatures and sharing ideas with each other. We even got to have a hot chocolate, it was yummy. We have also played a game called the tree game. Here is how the game works one seeker has to cover their eyes and the players have to hide behind one of the four trees then after 10 seconds the seeker opens their eyes and say something like “Tree one!” and the players behind tree 1 are out. Here is a PIC.COLLAGE of us having lots of fun...

Y6JP finally had their class election after what seemed liked days and days of campaigning and sticking up posters!
We had 10 candidates to choose from who all gave very convincing speeches.
It was so difficult to choose so we had a question and answer session at the end. They all did really well to answer our very tricky questions. Finally, we cast our votes.
And the winner was declared!
Well Done! Our new school council representative kept his first promise and made us all cakes. We are sure he has a bright future ahead of him.
On Friday morning we went to KES V11 for a science workshop. We had great fun learning about electricity and circuits. First of all, we had fun with static electricity. Look at what the Van der Graaf  generator has done to our hair!
Then we did 4 experiments trying to generate static electricity. We used balloons to make our hair stand up, we picked up bits of paper on a ruler and we made balloons stick to the wall. We even managed to bend water!
Finally, we had a series of challenges in which we had to make both series and parallel circuits. We had to use switches to turn the lights on and off and we had to work out how to draw our circuits using scientific symbols.
We are now looking forward to planning and carrying out our own experiments after half term. We think we will be really good at it!
This week it was Y6NL's turn to do Bikeability training. 2 groups went out to do it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, in good and bad weather, and had a really good time. They learnt how to ride their bikes safely and how to make sure that they are working properly. It was really fun and they learnt a lot.
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18 Oct 2017

Friday 20th October

School Council Election.

Last week in Y6NL we held an election to choose our new School Council rep. Lots of people had a go. They had got speeches ready about why they would be good for the job. We listened to them all and got to ask some questions. Then we had a piece of paper and wrote the name of the person we thought would do the best job. Mrs Loosley counted the votes and told us who was the winner. It was very close and everyone got some votes. It was hard to choose because they all had good ideas and would have done a good job but Jack got the job. Bethany will be his deputy in case he can't go to any meetings. We hope he will enjoy it and be a great rep for our class.

Class Contract.

In Y6NL we are working on our Class Contract.

As we are a Rights Respecting School,we started choosing our class articles for ur class charter. We made these into diamond nines and then chose our best six that both adults and children should remember. We are going to think of actions for the adults and children in class to do and make a display to make sure we remember. 

Class treat.

In Y6NL we collect marbles in a jar. We can earn marbles for all kinds of positive things. Our aim is to achieve 50 marbles. Last Friday we completed our marble challenge and earned a class treat. As we all wanted a different treat, we combined our ideas and ended up with a film, playing games and wearing pyjamas or onesies. We watched Billionare boy by David Walliams which was surprisingly set in Sheffield (part of it in King Edwards VII). We had a really nice time. We have already got 10 marbles in the jar towards our next reward!


 In 6CW we have been making stories of peoples lives in games .People who we have been making the game about were German Jews who were treated terribly.  They were called Martin Stern and Leo from the Holocaust Centre.  Here are a few examples:

Our games involved dice and were a little bit like snakes and ladders and Monopoly but obviously all to do with the Holocaust.  When we had made our games, we were given time to play each others.


This week in Y6CP we have visited King Edward School for a fantastic science lesson all about electricity. We had a go at building our own circuits and learnt the difference between a series and parallel circuit. Also, we looked at static electricity and some of us even had a go at using a Van de Graaff machine; it made our hair stand up.

On Monday afternoon, Y6JP were treated to some delicious apple crumble made by our Star Baker, Alistair. Mrs Ainsworth lent a helping hand and he made enough for the whole class to enjoy. It was delicious. Thank you Alistair - we are wondering what's next on the menu?


At the end of the week, we had our first Forest Schools lesson of the year. We had to get wrapped up warm. Some of us even wore waterproof coats and trousers because it was a bit soggy out there. The first thing we did was find out the rules of the woodland. While we listened, we had hot chocolate and chocolate biscuits.

Then we played a whole class game so that we could get used to our surroundings. As soon as we heard Mrs Purdom's whistle, we had to make our way back to the platform quickly.

Then we did our activity. We had to make a woodland creature from just a square of fabric and whatever natural materials we could find in the woods. We stuffed them with leaves and used twigs, leaves, berries and mud to decorate them.

We put more detail on them when we got back to class. Some of us have given them woodland names. They are brightening up our classroom!

Next week, we are going to build houses for them and film each other being woodland estate agents. More next week.........

And finally, we were all delighted to welcome back Grace Clough to our school. She came to show us yet another Gold medal for rowing. Well Done Grace! She has recently competed in the World Championships where her team came first again. She told us all about her training routine and how she started out. She is so dedicated to her sport and she is an inspiration to us all. We know Mrs Ainsworth is really proud of her, and so are we!

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13 Oct 2017

Friday 13th October

It's Bikeability Week 1!

Two of our year 6 classes have enjoyed being out on their bikes this week - having lessons outside! They did lots of practice on the playground before finally venturing out onto the roads around Crosspool. The instructors praised the children for being polite, well-behaved, and above all, SAFE! Well done to everyone involved.

Chess Club finally begins

A huge thank you to Tommy and Mahammed in Y6JP for setting up and organising a Year 6 chess club. They were very determined to make it happen. First of all they had to persuade Mr Jones (which was quite easy because he LOVES chess!) Then they had to order new chess sets. They came last week and they are very a fancy wooden design. Then they had to organise a rota. These boys are giving up two lunchtimes every week to help people to play chess, which is brilliant. Thank you Tommy and Mahammed!

Scenes in a Shoebox

If you read last week's blog, you will have seen Y6JP making a start on a shoebox project. The project tells the story of the journeys some Jewish children made just before, and during, the second world war. Our boxes show the night of Kristallnacht and the day after, moving onto the Kindertransport and arriving safely in Britain. The detail in our boxes shows just how much we have learnt about this time in history. Here are our boxes in order:

It was the morning of 10th of November when all the un-arrested Jews had to clean up any mess and were laughed at. We made a shoebox scene about this. If you look closely you can see the spilt drinks inside what was once a Jewish café. On the inside wall you can see the graffiti that says JUDE (Jew in German) and is written in red. There is glass on the floor and two Jewish people are sweeping it up whilst Nazis stop by and watch. Also a dark blue car (VW), that belonged to the owner of the café, has been smashed on the front window. The shops have been smashed to pieces.  


Our shoe box scene is based on the night of Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass). There are little details that you won’t have noticed such as: the labels on the benches for Jews and Germans. Another little detail is the glass next to the Jewish shops which have been made to look like they’ve been vandalised. The group of people is in the middle of the box are Jewish people. How can you tell?

In this shoebox you can see a Jewish person cleaning up the broken glass because the Nazis made them clean up after Kristallnacht. You can also see two shops, a grocery and a bakery. We wrote the names in German so that we could show an accurate view of the scene. There are streaks of smoke in the background because the Nazis burnt down many Synagogues and Jewish houses and businesses.

In this shoebox you can see a mum with her little boy. That’s because during the World War Two, Jewish children went on trains because it was too dangerous to live in Germany at that time. The trains were called Kindertransport. Children were not allowed to travel with parents or carers. Two Nazi guards guarding the train can also be seen in our shoebox. We stuck pictures of real children from WW2 inside. We hope you get a sense of how they must have been feeling.


This is a depiction of Jewish children arriving in Britain. You will notice the children have small suitcases because they didn’t bring large suitcases on the Kindertransport. They will be arriving at a house on Dean Street .We put the Union Jack on the back of the box to show that they were arriving in Britain. How do you think they were feeling? We thought they would have a mixture of emotions – maybe relief or excitement but also some sadness.

In 6CW we have also been creating scenes in a shoe box.  Below are some of our scenes.

This scene of a concentration camp was made by Jake, Zack, Josh and Harrison.  It shows the awful conditions suffered by the Jews during the holocaust.  The boys used soil from outside for the muddy ground. To make barbedwire they used pipe cleaners of all sorts of different colors. They used some Lego figures as Jews and they made a prison with some Nazis to guard it to make sure that everyone was working in the concentration camp. One of the boys brought in a door made of Lego. They did this to show that they were in prison. This was a bad moment for the Jews because they weren't given any food. They had to work all day and when they went to sleep they were all cramped.


The scene above is also a concentration camp made by Letty, Leo, Evie and Max R. They used different materials to create the effect of a concentration camp. They made some stars to add onto some of the Playmobile figures to show the people that are looking at it, that they are Jews. They brought in a suitcase to add into the scene. Letty drew a picture of Adolf Hitler saying that he is always watching what you are doing because Hitler hates Jews. They have made a cape with the Nazis sign on it. They have put the cape on one of the figures to pretend that he is a Nazi.    


This is Anne Frank's hiding place made by Liza, Sophie and Ranya. They used a piece of paper with a drawn picture of a bookcase and stuck it on to resemble the secret door. They created walls to show different rooms and added lots of  Lego figures to create a scene.They made beds and furniture so that it didn't look boring. To make it more realistic, they put in a dining table, a toilet, and shelves. They made lots of furniture using card, tissues and fabric. To make the hiding place look run down, they used gold paint and very watery silver and just let it drizzle.To make it look nicer, they added a few Lego animals on the sides and on the top. So that none of the furniture and Lego people fell over, they put blue-tac on the bottom of their feet. 

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