A final farewell

So here we are, the very last message of the year. It's not quite the goodbye we all envisaged but, when we look back at this blog, we remember the class of 2019/20 with great fondness. We've had lots of fun and created some great memories. We are so proud of each and every one of you.

Here's what we've been up to this week - well done for keeping up the enthusiasm!

SS bubble went out into the woods to do the Wizard Rainbow challenge. They made rainbows and then had to find things in the woods to match the colours they had drawn. Even though there are a couple of cheat items (can you spot them?) it's amazing the colours you can see in nature when you look closely. 

Ben has been working hard for weeks on a REALLY long story, inspired by David Walliams. He's really thought about developing the main character, Grub, and has been editing and adding detail. Here is the final published copy. Maybe you'll write a novel one day Ben?

Here's another boy who has been working very hard on his home learning. He's sent us a selection of some of the things he's been doing. He's definitely been busy, some great learning here and look how much he raised for charity!

And here's some more of his learning.

He made these two powerpoints all by himself. This one explains the digestive system in great detail. 

And this one is all about the Titanic. Impressive work.

Here's some more fantastic Titanic work. This time in an exploding book! What a creative way to show what she knows - it really is a work of art.

Here are some more stunning works of art. The tutorials on how to draw animal eyes have proved to be very popular this week. Can you spot which one is the owl, the tiger, the dragon and the phoenix?

Here's a tawny owl eye. Just lovely.

Isla chose the tiger eye. Didn't she do a good job?

And here are two girls who have been enjoying the outdoors again (remember their trip up Win Hill?) This week they have been on a trail to earn their local history Brownie badge. They found time for an ice cream too - we think you earned it girls. Well done.

So that's it, we are done for the year. Thank you for being amazing.

Have a lovely Summer - rest, relax and have fun. See you when you're in Y5!

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