A very wet week!

Last week we had a heatwave; this week we have had lots of rain. It is a good job the nice weather was here for our Lydgate Virtual School Games - it would not have been as much fun doing the activities in the rain. The scores are in and Y5/Y6 came 6th out of 59 schools. Well done everyone!

As usual, the children at home and at school have been working very hard and having lots of fun. 

Anya and Cyan were inspired, by the David Attenborough science work, to create their own very interesting and professional animal documentaries. Here are some photos from their presentations. 

This girl used acrylic paints to create this beautiful 'water carrying' picture. She worked on it over a few days, blending the sunset colours and using watered-down black for the shadows. 

This boy has been doing lots of home learning this week: a non-chronological report about The Day of the Dead; a newspaper report about The Great Sheffield Flood; measuring volume; and performing on his violin, as part of the Sheffield Music Hub 'Shotgun' project. He also helped his brother with a science project about the digestive system: they made a bread digestive system and then ate it, covered in Nutella!

Here is another informative and well-researched non-chronological report about The Day of the Dead. This boy also tried the maths challenge and managed to get to a volume of 8 before his cocktail sticks and blue tack structure collapsed. 

The children at school have also been very busy this week.

The EC bubble have started working on their 'water carrying' paintings; they will share the finished art work next week. 

They also did lots of research about The Day of the Dead festival and wrote some excellent non-chronological reports. Here is a display of their work. 

The W/R bubble have been enjoying learning some Caribbean performance skills this week, using two beaters on a xylophone. They learnt to play a piece called Island in the Sun. 

What a fantastic collection of work - well done everyone! We are so proud of you all - at home and at school - for keeping motivated and working so hard, even thought we know it isn't always easy for you. We love seeing what you have been doing  so please keep sharing your photos with us at:   


Have a great weekend!

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