Another busy week at home

The children at home have also been working hard on their learning. It is great that so many of you have sent your photos to the Y5 email address - please keep sending them!

This boy has been working on our water topic, as you can see. It looks as if he had fun getting wet. He also created a beautiful rainbow. 

Amelia has been very arty, creating these incredible water colour flower paintings and Easter cards. 

She also wrote her first ever Amazon book review which I'm sure will encourage people to read the book. 

Review of the book Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress by Sarwat Chadda.

The first time I opened  the book, I wasn't expecting to experience all the adventures, gruesome moments and even wonder which lay inside it. Once on the nearly 2n'd page, no-one was able to unglue my head out of it! I just kept on reading, reading and reading! Everything seemed so real and alive as every single word became even more interesting leading onto every single sentence.

Through the time of me reading this book, it began to act like a very long, lost and forgotten friend! Once it had all finished, I even shed a tear because of how amazing the story was as well as the ending.

Sophie has also been very creative, using angles to make art work, making a water collage and doing lots of baking - it looks delicious!

Ellie has been working doubly hard because she has been at home and at school. Well done Ellie!

Max has also been working hard on his home learning. Well done!

Simeon has been spending lots of time being active and has set himself a target for running 5km. He has also created this great infographic about cars and done some baking, amongst many other things. 
This girl has been working hard on her home learning tasks and has also been learning to sew with her mum. I think you will agree, she has done a great job!

This boy has also been very busy with his learning. Well done!

This girl was inspired by her Arabian Nights story to make this amazing mermaid cushion with a sequinned back. She has also been learning about flowering plants' life cycles and found some real life examples. 

Lucy has been taking some amazing water photos. Look at this detailed picture of water droplets. 

 This boy has also been doing lots of home learning. He has also been getting outside to be active - a very important thing to do each day if you can!

Ronit has been learning about the different parts of a flower. He had fun dissecting a daffodil!

Well done to all of you, whether you sent pictures in or not. The Y5 teachers have been really impressed by your hard work and are very proud of you all. 

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