Can you help us sell eggs over the summer holidays?

You are probably well aware that we have a number of chickens and ducks on our school site. This is a fantastic resource to have in school. We have been selling the eggs from the school office (only £1.50 for half a dozen!) as a way of raising much-needed funds to support the upkeep of the ducks and chickens and to ensure we can afford to feed all of our feathered friends. 

We are looking for someone local who may be able to sell some of the eggs laid over the summer holidays. We can arrange for eggs to be delivered at regular intervals during the holidays or they could be collected from school. We would be willing to negotiate on cost/amount you could keep for supporting us with this. 

Please pass this message on to anyone who you think could help. The chickens and ducks are a fantastic resource and we hope we can find someone to help us with this. 

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