Dragons' Den and Christmas Cheer

The last week of the autumn term has arrived and the children in Year 5 are really excited about the coming holiday and ( for those that celebrate Christmas) Christmas festivities.

This week, we have been extremely busy.  The Dragons' Den year group final was on Tuesday; today (Wednesday) is the school Christmas concert at St Mark's Church and many year 5 children are involved; Thursday we have our year 5 Christmas parties and on Friday, the children are allowed to bring in non-electrical games.  

The Dragons' Den Final

On Tuesday morning, there was great excitement about the final of our Dragons' Den competition.  Each class put forward two 'companies' from their class finals to compete in the Dragons' Den year 5 grand final.  With an audience of 120 children and 7 'dragons', each company had to present their product and try to persuade the dragons that their product was the best.  

As teachers, we were so impressed with the way the finalists conducted themselves.  They were obviously very nervous but performed brilliantly.  After much deliberation, L.C.S.C. (Lighter Comfier Sports Clothing) was declared the winner with an extremely clear presentation by Gayoung, Harry and Rhiannon from 5SH.  

A huge well done to every child involved in the Dragons' Den project.  

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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