Egyptian Day

Egyptian Day

On the 22nd October 2019 it was our Y5 Egyptian Day. We hadlots of fun and did many different activities.


One of the things we did was drama. We learnt the story of Osiris theEgyptian god of the underworld. We acted the story in groups and filmed it oniPads, it was really enjoyable.


First, we learned about different Ancient Egyptian jewellery. It wasvery fascinating and it looked magnificent. They did not only wear necklacesand bracelets they also made collars (which we made too). We used a gold plateand a template which helped us cut it out. We had a varied amount of jewels tostick on the golden plates (collars).


We were taken to the tent of Ibu (place of purification) to mummifythe pharaoh’s body. It was dark but we had candles. We all got to do specialjobs like covering it in natron (salt), drawing Osiris to go on the coffin andeven pulling the brains and intestines out!


We pretended to be estate agents and tried to sell a peasant house ora noble house. The noble house was easy to sell but the peasanthouse was a bit harder. We had to persuade people to buy the house

The Weighing Of theHeart Ceremony

At the end of the day we did the weighing of the heart ceremony. Ifyour heart was as light as a feather you may go to the afterlife. If your heartwas heavy you would be eaten alive by Ammut the devourer.











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