Final Flight 619

We have come to the end of our Flight 619 project and have been really impressed with the work that the Y6 children have done. We would like to share a final selection of some examples of super work...

If you were wondering what the island might be like, here are some ideas:

The crash even made news headlines:

People were so unsure as to what had happened that there were even conspiracy theories going around:

My Conspiracy Theory

AngryAmericans do not like England trading with Africa, so their jet fighters shot Flight619 down. A lot of countries are jealous of how England trades with theAfricans countries.

A few hoursbefore Flight 619 departed, American pilots were ordered to fly along its routeand wait for the chance to take it down. The angry Americans have been plottingthis attack all along and had finally launched the attack.

They stoleall the cargo and retreated to their commander. Since their success, theAmericans have been extremely gay. This is quite noticeable, due to thepresident’s behaviour.

Soon, the Americanswill be trade with the Africans, nicely, to make them prefer American tradesmore, and therefore, stop trading with England.

There was also research to find out what kind of wildlife there was on and around the island :

In order to keep warm at night, you needed to be able to make a friction fire:

Another survival technique was learning how to purify water to drink:

The dark nights on the island inspires some 'Black Out' poetry:

To keep safe, defences around the camp needed to be designed and built:

Learning how to make a compass was a really useful skill to help navigate around the island:

A tropical island infographic was a good way to summarise wildlife in these exotic places:

In order to be rescued, an SOS sign was made: well as a message in a bottle:

Life on the island was bound to have its impact, as you can see from these self portraits:

Some tropical wordless summed up the experience:

Finally, this amazing experience has even been turned into a bestselling book. We're sure you agree from this blurb that is sounds like a real page turner...

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