Friday 3rd May

Whole School Art in Y6JP

Everyone has been very busy working on their space-themed art to go up in school at the end of this week. Have a look at last week's blog for pictures of Mrs Wymer's class and their incredible planet models. In Y6JP, we have made paintings of imaginary solar systems. First of all, we made cosmic backgrounds using sugar water and brusho. It was very messy and sticky but lots of fun!

Then we practised drawing and shading spheres. We wanted our planets to looks 3-dimensional.

Once we were confident, we set about making our planets in soft pastels and oil pastels. We looked at lots of images of real planets to help us and then we made up our own planets. We used the same technique to make them look round.

Once they were finished, we placed them onto our cosmic backgrounds, thinking carefully about size, shape and composition.

We added final details with metallic pens and glitter and here are some of our finished pieces - amazing!

We can't wait to see them up and around school with all the other space art next week.

Y6NL (and some of CP) Samba Sport.

Yoga with Colette

We were very lucky to be able to do some yoga practice with Colette this week. She runs our school yoga club and came to teach us some yoga poses along with breathing and relaxation. We thought this was a really good idea just before our test week! She taught us how to do starfish breathing and how we could be mindful and calm if we are feeling a bit anxious. It was good fun too because we played games like 'Yogi Says' which is a bit like 'Simon Says' Here we are trying out some yoga poses.

Parents Guide to Key Stage 2 SATs

The DfE/STA have recently published this guide for parents. It tells you what is happening and when (you will already have received this information in your packs last week) but it does have links to past papers and short videos which may be helpful.

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