Friday 11th December

In Y5NL this week, we have started a Dragons' Den writing project. We watched a pitch, by a lady called Kirsty, and had to decide what we liked about it. She had made a frozen dessert for people with allergies and she is now a millionaire. We are working in groups (from 1 up to 4) to design our own cool products and we are going to write pitches for them. 

In book study this week, we finished a book called Secrets of a Sun King, by Emma Carroll. It was a really exciting story about a girl called Lil, who had to go to Egypt to save her Grandad's life. She had a lot of adventures on the way and found out the true story of the pharaoh, Tutankhamun. We have all done our own book reviews about it. We had to give the book a rating and choose our favourite character. 

Blog written by Jake and Frank

In Y5EC we have also been getting really into our Dragon's Den Project. We have come up with some great ideas for exciting new products and services, such as an automatic litter tray for pets, a homework helper machine, and a self-cleaning fish tank. We are now busy preparing our pitches to present our ideas to the dragons! 

We have also done an amazing music project with Mrs Ridsdale. We have really enjoyed learning to play together in an ensemble, and getting better at the glockenspiel. Look out for more about this next week! 

Y5WR have been drawing some beautiful poinsettia pictures using blended pastel crayons.

We have been practising our Christmas percussion piece using the new school xylophones. It is sounding great and will be ready next week!

In RE , we have been learning about the importance of the three kings in the Christmas story and part of this has been a creative response. We are painting a design on a gift which the kings gave to the baby Jesus.

In Year 5BB, we have been working hard on our Dragons' Den projects. We have watched different people pitching their ideas. We were able to see some great examples of how to pitch (and some that were not as good). On Friday, we made our own posters for our project. We thought of many different aspects of advertising these such as: catchy slogans, eye-catching titles and rhetorical questions. We have enjoyed writing our own persuasive pieces to advertise our ideas and are looking forward to pitching them next week!

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