Friday 11th January

Year Six Visit to Crucial Crew

On Thursday, the whole of our Year Six went to Crucial Crew in Rotherham. At Crucial Crew we learnt about road safety, first aid, the dangers of house fire, how to travel safely on a bus and about internet safety. We had a really fantastic time and experienced many different scenarios that were designed to make us think about staying safe. Below are just a few of our many pictures and a few quotes on what we thought about it all and about what we learnt.

In the first aid training, we learnt about how to put somebody in the recovery postition and how to check if they were breathing.

We learnt in the courtroom that a child can be sentenced from ten years old! In the courtroom, we took part in a mock trial. Poor Elsie was sentenced to six months in prison for assaulting someone and for stealing beer from a shop.

"This was the favourite part for me as we got to see what a real prison cell was like. It is not somewhere I would ever like to be. It wasn't clean and the toilet only flushed from the outside!"

Elsie 6CW

"I thought this was the best scenario because you got to experiance what would happen if there was a fire on a bus. Dougie explained how to open the emergency door in a fire. He was very popular with all of the Year six children."

Jess 6CW

Here is a picture of some Year sixes experiencing some scenarios on the bus.

Y6NL enjoyed Crucial Crew because: the set was very realistic; the people who ran the scenarios explained things really well and treated us like adults; the scenarios and videos showed us what could happen and how we can keep ourselves safe; it was interesting, fun and not boring.

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