Friday 11th October

Y4CW do Yoga

On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to have an hour with a yoga teacher called Colette.  Colette teaches yoga before school on Thursday mornings and also teaches adults locally.  She showed us some wonderful listening and breathing techniques which we are hopefully going to practise back in class.  Some of the balances we had to do were surprisingly difficult and we were, at times, a little bit wobbly.  Each class will have a one hour session with Colette over the next couple of weeks. 

Writing in Y4JP

We have worked really hard all week on our information writing about an area of Celtic life. This could have been: armour, jobs, houses, warriors, etc. First of all, we had to take notes on our chosen subject. We looked online and also used the fantastic information books we have in our classroom. 

Then we used our notes to write an information text. We are going to edit and improve them next week but we are really proud of what we've done so far.

 Stars and swimmers of the week

A proud week for these superstars - well done to all of you!

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