Friday 13th November

This week in Y5 NL we have been learning about the Highway Man. We read the poem then underlined all the word we didn't know. We had to find out the meanings. Then, we watched a short video to get the idea of the story. The film was a bit creepy but fun to watch. We were very excited to watch it.  We made a storyboard of the poem and did some drawings and we wrote a little sentence to go with the drawings. We also asked questions about the Highway Man, e.g. has he been robbed by another highway man? It is extremely fun and we are looking forward to the next lessons.  

I hope you like what we are doing about the Highway Man.

Here is a picture of a highwayman.

By Halle and Tayah

Y5NL promised last week that we would show you our finished Class Charter - here it is! We are very proud of it and it will help us to remember to respect everyone's rights.

This week in Y5EC we did some fantastic science work! We did an experiment about dissolving, to find out whether sugar would dissolve fastest in hot, cold or room temperature water. We made some predictions, then set to work to find out the answer. Using a stopwatch, we recorded how long it took the sugar to dissolve each time. We made sure it was a fair test by stirring at the same speed, and using the same amount of sugar and water each time. Most of us found that the sugar dissolved fastest in the hot water, and slowest in the cold water. We then came up with some great theories about why that might be! 

We have also been in the forest this week, having lots of fun. After a scavenger hunt to start us off, we had to complete a challenge. We competed to see which group could build the tallest free standing tower using what we could find around us. The tower had to be able to balance a tennis ball on top for 10 seconds. The picture shows some of our attempts. 

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