Friday 13th November

It's been another busy week in the world of Year 4. Take a look at some of our learning - it's been lots of fun!


We took our history lesson outdoors this week. We listened to the story of Boudicca, the Celtic warrior, and learnt all about the Battle of Watling Street. We decided we would do a reenactment (safely of course!) and we practised 'fighting' with stick swords.

Then we got our armies together. Lulah led the Celtic revolt and Isaac was in charge of the highly organised Roman army. Even though the Romans were outnumbered, they defeated Boudicca and her warriors. We made our reenactment into a film. Meg and Mille did a really good job of editing it. It's all in slow motion and set to music. We are really proud of what we did. Here are a couple of stills from the beginning of our movie.

We have also been learning about the story of Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii in 79AD. We listened to a story called 'Escape from Pompeii' which is based on the events that took place in the city. We thought about what it was like before the eruption and made some pictures. Then we wrote some phrases to describe our scenes. These will help us with our writing next week.

We hope you can see that we have been trying extra hard to present our work neatly. We have made the same effort in our maths books too. Mrs Purdom is super proud of our progress with subtraction and our neatly presented books have put a big smile on her face too.


We enjoyed a very energetic work out with Karate Sam this week as part of our indoor PE.  Sam showed us many different moves including some interesting punches and kicks.  We used pads to protect ourselves and in our pairs practised the moves that he showed us. We finished the session with some fun relays.  

We have also been using different units of measure in maths too.  We have been measuring items around the room that are more than and less than one metres and centimetres and today we have been measuring the length of our feet in millimetres and centimetres.  Our task was to find out if each of our feet were the same size.  We found out that more of us in 4CW had a left foot that was slightly longer!

We have been so proud of our top quality literacy in 4JD this week.  We have been working on our descriptive writing and developing our use of expanded noun phrases.  We have been learning about the historical events surrounding the theme of Vesuvius and it's eruption over Pompeii in 79 AD (CE). This has also been part of our Romans work this term.  We enjoyed spending time presenting our work and using handwriting pens (and some correction fluid!)

Children in need was fun today with a carousel of mindful activities, biscuits at break time, exercising with Joe Wicks, some videos linked to Children in need and the completion of our kindness booklets (coming out to you as homework this week).

As part of our rights respecting schools work we also completed our class charter. This helps us to remember the expectations we have of each other and the need to respect the rights of all members of our school community.  We think our animal theme worked really well and showcases the personalities of each child in 4JD. Can you spot yourself?

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