Friday 13th November: Children in Need 2020

Today we helped to raise money for a really worthy cause, Children in Need. As a Rights Respecting School, fundraising for charities is really important to us. Especially because it helps to raise awareness of the 'RIGHTS' and needs of everyone. Children in Need this year reminds us that 'Together, we can make a huge difference in a time when it’s needed most' - and 'Together we can change young lives'.

Each class spent some time empathising with the lives of others and learning how previous Children in Need donations have been spent. Children in Need aims to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. Every child should have a safe, happy and secure childhood and the opportunity to reach their potential. As a Rights Respecting School, we fully support these beliefs.


In indoor P.E we are learning 1920’s dances. On Monday we learnt the Charleston moves. On Tuesday, Rhys and Matti got star of the week star of the week. On Wednesday, we did science and drew a diagram of the eye and wrote a paragraph about how we see things. On Thursday, we did training for a football tournament and in RE we learnt about Islamic creation story and after compared it to the Christian creation story. On Friday, we did ICT about our black inspirational people for black history month, it was Children in Need to raise money we sold Pudsey biscuits and wrist bands and throughout the week we did a booklet which we filled in for morning work every day.

To make the day more fun we came in our own clothes and in 6RJ some people took it very seriously. Archie came as an Oompa Loompa with his face painted orange and with spikey green hair!

Sam came as a...

Vampire, pirate, chef, potato sack, Viking, star wars character and a boy.

Jawad came as a dodo (he's a very big fan) with his handmade dodo mask.

In the morning each day this week we have been doing the Children in Need booklets with different activities thinking about our goals and ways to be kind. We also took a photo of our bubble.

At break time, we ate some Pudsey cookies that were made by our school chefs. They were delicious!

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