Friday 14th December


On Wednesday, we had our Bag2School collection. Y6NL worked very hard to collect all the bags from the different classrooms and from Reception. We piled them up in the kitchen and the practical area, ready for when the van arrived. At morning break we all went and carried the bags outside, where the driver weighed them and put them in his van. What a lot of bags there were!

The total weight of the bags was an impressive 310kg, which raised £124 towards the cost of our Edale coaches. We will be doing more fund raising after the holidays (including the 'Apprentice Sale' and a film night).

Thank you so much to everyone who donated.


This week we have braved the cold weather for our Forest School session. We went on a scavenger hunt and had to find various items including a living thing. We found all sorts of interesting creatures. Then we made flags using natural materials.

We have also been busy translating a recipe for croissants from French into English. We had to make sure we were accurate as on Monday we will be using the recipe to make the real thing.

In our literacy work, we have read a story called Harris Burdick. It is a mystery story. We then interpreted the pictures to write our own mystery stories, some are very long.

Christmas comes to Y6JP

After our class assembly, things are back to normal in Y6JP - well, almost!

We took a break from maths, English, history, PE, ICT, RE, Book Study and art to decorate our classroom ready for Christmas.

It was quite stressful because we had so many fairy lights!

Foodbank donations - a big thank you.

Y6JP asked for donations at the end of their class assembly last week. We raised over £30 which we spent on food bank items. We decided to put in a few treats as well! Any more food bank items can be brought into school and left in reception any time before Friday. Thank you.

Carol Service at St Mark's church, Broomhill - Wednesday 19th December 7.00pm

Everyone is welcome to come along and sing carols with us. Our fantastic choir, windband and handbells group will be performing and there will also be a procession of Christmas art work from art club. Here's a sneak preview of some of the Y6 paintings.

It really is a lovely service. We hope to see you there!

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