Friday 14th June

Boat Cove paintings

In Y6NL, we have been doing paintings of Boat Cove (which is from a story called 'The Giant's Necklace'). It is in Cornwall. We made mood boards, using different pictures of the cove and trying our our idea. This week, we have been using powder paints to mix the colours we needed to block out the main shapes of our paintings.

After this, we will add details using paint, oil pastels or soft pastels. We will put some photos of the paintings when they are finished.


In 6CW we have been looking at how religions support global issues. Christian Aid have helped many poor villages build wells so the whole village can have access to good clean water. We had to design a village, thinking carefully where to put the well in relation to the other buildings. We thought that it would be better to put it close to the farm land and to the houses so farmers and households could use it easily. We realized that we are very lucky in this country to have clean water on tap. It is something that not all people can take for granted.

In Y6JP, we have been learning about all the different organs in the human body and finding out what jobs they do. We made information posters in groups with lift-the-flaps to show exactly where the internal organs are placed within the body. We used books and researched on the internet to find out what their functions are. Here are some examples:

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