Friday 16th October

Year 4 have done lots of lovely learning inside and outside this week. Take a look at what we have been up to.

We have had lots of fun looking at our musical instruments and discovering how the sound is made.  Some of us brought in our own instruments and gave little talks about them and played some tunes.

In the woods this week, we made our own trolls based on a story that Mrs Wymer told us.  We used balls of clay and then anything we could find from the forest floor.  Once we had done this we made assault courses for our trolls.  

In our history lessons this week, we have been finding out what life was like for a Roman soldier. We learnt about the army as it was in 42AD and what the conditions were like for legionnaires. We collected lots of facts and made detailed drawings of soldiers in their uniforms.

We went into the woods again this week and had a great time doing all the Ps - Play, Perfume and Pendants! We had a bit of free time to play with each other and then we rigged up a shelter so that we could keep dry (it was a wet Wednesday). The shelter was big enough to get us all underneath. 

We made our own forest perfume by gathering things from the woods and mushing them up with a stick. We mixed it with a bit of water to release the aroma. Then we gave our new scent a woodland name. We came up with some really creative ideas. Meg called hers 'Blackberry Blossom', Rosie called hers 'Autumn Sense', Daniel went for 'Nature Mix' and Sammy decided on 'Fragrance of the Woodpecker'.

We sat under the shelter to make our nature inspired pendants. We drew squirrels, toadstools, leaves, trees, hedgehogs, lady birds, insects and different plants and flowers. We wore them proudly for the rest of the day and then took them home.

This week we have been working hard on addition in our maths lessons. We have been using the compact method which is very quick and efficient, but it's still been important to understand what each digit represents. We've been doing a lot of work on our whiteboards before progressing to exchanging.

We carried out a great experiment in science about sound proofing. Ask us at home which material we found was the best at absorbing sound.

We have also started to think about our class charter. The class voted for an animal theme. Watch this space next week to see how this progresses. We took to some crazy animal face pictures today!

A little extra!
Last week we shared our fabulous class book about the Roman myth of Romulus and Remus, but Mrs Drury missed off the last page. Not wanting to keep you all in suspense on our cliffhanger any longer, here it is...

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