Friday 16th October

This week we visited The National Holocaust Museum. We learnt all about a boy called Leo and his journey through World War 2 including the Holocaust and Kristallnacht.

'I thought it was a very interesting trip and we learnt a lot from it.' Oscar

'I thought it was exciting because it was our first school trip in Y6 and we learnt a lot including about Leo's secret hiding room.' Mannat

'They took us into the garden and we learned about roses that were planted for the innocent people who died or lived through the holocaust. We also learned about the 30,000 stone pyramid that we added our own stones to in order to remember the children who had died.' Will H


This week, we did all sorts of fun things. On Tuesday, we went to school at 08:00 because we were going to go to the National Holocaust Centre near Nottingham. It was lots of fun. We learnt about the life of children who had to evacuate from their homes in central Europe to the UK to be safe from Hitler and the Nazis. In the afternoon we watched a short film about a real man called Steve who experienced evacuating from Germany during WW2. Before we left, we placed a pebble on the pile of rocks that was outside the museum. Our guide said that there were approximately 25,000 rocks there (which is a lot) but they were aiming for 1,000,000 rocks (which is even more).

Y6SW had a great day at the Museum too.

6RJ enjoyed the trip to the museum. We have also just finished reading the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. This story links to our WWII topic because the character, Kensuke, came from Nagasaki which was bombed at the end of the war. It is a moving and inspiring adventure story about a character called Michael who travels the world in a sailing boat with his parents but then ends up stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. To start with he is quite frightened of Kensuke, who is already on the island, but by the end they become very close and Kensuke doesn't want Michael to leave.

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