Friday 16th October 2020

It has been a busy week in Year 5BB this week! We have been working hard to write our own diaries based on our adventure into an Egyptian tomb, reading more of our class book 'Secrets of a Sun King' and recapping addition and subtraction in Maths.

However, the day we all enjoyed the most was Egyptian Day! We enjoyed doing our own drama performances based on the story of Osiris. We also made our own clay amulets/jars which related to our class book. Finally, we learned how to write our own names in hieroglyphics; we even wrote them on real papyrus! 

Y5NL also really enjoyed our Egyptian day. Lots of people had dressed up and looked really good.

We started the day with an Ancient Egyptian word search and a hieroglyphics puzzle to solve. Then we went to ICT and did a scratch animation about the Egyptians. After morning play we learnt about the story of Osiris. We had a lot of fun making short dramas about the story. In the afternoon we wrote our names in hieroglyphics - written on real papyrus! Then we made some clay canopic jars. We are going to paint them next week when they are dry. It was a really fun day and we leant a lots of things about Ancient Egypt.

Y5EC had a fantastic time on Egyptian day! Most of us dressed up and it was great to see everyone in their amazing costumes. 

In the morning, we learned about Egyptian social hierarchy. It was really interesting to learn about the different roles people had, and who was seen as most important. Some of them surprised us, for example we thought farmers would be more important because they grew all the food. 

We also really enjoyed making our own amulets out of clay. Maybe they will give us special powers like the Ancient Egyptians believed? 

In the afternoon we used Scratch to make Egyptian animations with our own characters, and then we listened to the story of Osiris and Isis (two important gods). We then had a go at acting out parts of the story. 

Year 5WR have had a great week and have loved Egyptian day. They have designed some stunning amulets and made them out of clay. They are slowly drying and next week they will be painted using bright colours and metallic paints. We have also ordered some special gems to stick on too!

The children recreated the story of Osiris through drama and showed their performances to the class! Bravo!  

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