Friday 17th January


This week, we have been using our new library books to research information about the Amazon Rain forest.  We each chose a book and then made a review of it looking at the interesting facts, unusual words, the colourful pictures and finally we gave a short review of it.  We are using these books during our reading sessions to gain as much information as we can.  Here are a couple of good examples. 

Y4JP have also been doing this. It's always exciting when we get a box of new books! We really enjoyed looking through them and finding out new nuggets of information. Here we are in action and here are a couple of examples of our work.

Y4CW have also been learning about the water cycle and the processes of evaporation and condensation.  In class, we have conducted a couple of experiments involving evaporation and are waiting for the results. We found out that this process is essential for life on our planet. 
In our science books we have drawn diagrams to illustrate the water cycle.     

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