Friday 18th January

South America research homework

Y6JP spent some time looking at each other's homework this week. Every single person in the class did a project and we were really impressed with the range of work we saw.

We had fact posters, food, models, leaflets, a shoebox file, maps and presentations.

We learnt lots from each other. Abdullah found some really cool facts that we would all remember. For example, James and Mary are the most common names. James was pleased about that!

Wilf is a keen lacrosse player and fan. He found out all about the first ever lacrosse cup in Mexico City. He made a poster and actually attached it to a lacrosse stick!

We were all blown away by Jae-Hui's beautiful illustrations in her booklet all about the people and animals of the Andes. It's a fascinating read and really is a work of art.

It's made a stunning display in our classroom too. Look at all this information!

We are now looking forward to listening to the rest of the presentations and learning even more. What a brilliant start to our Amazing Americas topic. Well done Y6JP!

Y6NL area and perimeter house-building challenge.

In Y6 this week in maths, we have been making area and perimeter paper houses by finding the exact heights and width.Everybody enjoyed it and it was a very fun task. We had to calculate the area and perimeter then cut out the shapes and stick them together with tape.It was quite hard and it taught us lots about area and perimeter.

Y6 Athletics

Our Athletics team was a little short on team members as three of our regulars were poorly and unable to take part. We performed really well at Concord and came a very respectable fourth place. This means that we were the fourth best school in the city of Sheffield. All of our training has really paid off!

This is a picture of us feeling proud after the event. What a team!

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