Friday 18th September

4JP go down to the woods

We had our first Forest School session this week and we loved it! 

In class, we have been learning all about fairy tales from Norway. The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a Norwegian story. They very often feature creatures called trolls. Norse sailors thought that the trolls would get onto their ships and cause mischief so they would make mazes on the beaches from pebbles and shells so that the trolls would get lost and confused.

We took some clay into our woods and made our very own trolls using the natural materials we found around and about us. 

We worked in pairs with children who came from a different Y3 class so that we could get to know each other a little better.

We made mazes too so that our trolls couldn't escape!

We are so proud of our trolls. We think they have real personalities. They are all sitting on the windowsill in our classroom now. We can't wait for our next lesson in the woods!

A busy week in 4JD

This week in our literacy we have been looking at metaphors and similes in poetry. We came up with some great similes. 

We also created our own timeline of some key events in British history. We had some great ideas about what to research on the ipads.  This has helped us to understand how long ago the Celts lived and when the Romans arrived in Britain.  Here are a few of the key events we found out about. Can you order them?

As part of our religion work we have been finding out about the word unity and what it means to belong to a team, have a common goal and a shared belief or value. These are our unity images.   


In 4CW, we have had another busy week and this included going down in to the woods too.  We made presentations all about how sound travels from its source to our ears and did little presentations that we had great fun filming.  

We have also been looking at poetry and the differences between similes and metaphors.  We have written our own metaphor poems about parts of the body.  Here are a few examples of just some of our ideas.

and finally..... look what this young man found in his garden.  This is very well timed as next time we go into the woods we will be studying animal homes!

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