Friday 1st March

6CW gets ready for the Apprentice Sale
In 6CW we have been spending time working in our groups planning our Apprentice Sale which is happening next Wednesday morning. We have got ourselves in to groups and have been working out our business plan and sorting out who is doing what job. We are hoping that we all make a profit and that we have some nice weather as a couple of our business ideas take place outside.
6JP work with angles
Y6JP have been honing their geometry skills this week. We have been revisiting using a protractor to measure angles which is not as easy as you might think! We learnt lots of angle facts too which we then used to calculate angles (no protractors allowed) We also learnt about angles on parallel lines and corresponding and alternate angles.
A couple of in-school competitions
On Wednesday, 6CW and 6JP took part in a netball tournament. We were split into 10 teams across the two classes and we all played each other in 5 minute games. It was 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.There was a tie for first place so we had a play off at the end. It was really good fun!
And the winners were.......
The semi-final of the grand chess tournament took place this week in 6JP. We had two hard fought games but we now have two people for the final next week.
Who will be victorious? Fraser or Louis? Visit the blog next week to find out!

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