Friday 20th November

Yet another great week of learning in Year 4. We have worked really hard and would like to share some of our maths, English and science work with you today. 


In 4CW this week, we have had a wonderful time publishing our stories based on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii.  We have studied the book 'Escape from Pompeii' and have based our writing around this wonderful story.  All of our writing is up and displayed around the classroom but we have shared just a couple of examples below.  We are all really proud of this writing as it has taken a couple of weeks to produce - it is also the first time we have been allowed to write in pen!  See if you can spot any of our wonderful sentence openers and expanded noun phrases.


A bit of a different routine this week in 4JD, with different adults teaching in class, but we are such a marvellous class that we naturally coped with at all well.  In the woods this week we investigated the best materials to insulate a home for a small creature. In science we did some fabulous fair tests for our topic on solids, liquids and gasses. We were investigating the melting points of different chocolate types. We carried out some scientific tests using water baths, thermometers and foil cases (twice!). Then we sucked some chocolate! We did this for 3 reasons:-

1) To triple check that our scientific melting point test was correct

2) To test the chocolate was not faulty

3) To give us extra brain energy while completing our first big times tables test!

We will now complete a times table grid test every Friday morning. We did an amazing job today for our first go. Every Friday we will bring our grid home with us. We can work on the ones we got wrong or missed out into our homework books, complete the grids and chant them when we can.  We think it would be a good idea to keep these safe at home to keep track of our progress. Mrs Drury says that right now we are not competing with each other, but instead with ourselves each week to improve on our previous scores!

Also this week we did some fabulous research on the Ipads, about Roman mosaics.


It's been all about measuring in 4JP this week. We got busy with our rulers, tape measures and metre sticks!

First of all we measured using metres and centimetres. We looked around the room for things which were more than or less than a metre and then we had a go at measuring each other. It was tricky to be accurate but we worked out that the best way was to stand next to the wall and mark a little dot before we used our tape measures. Then we got into our table groups and put our heights in order, starting with the smallest.

Next, we measured in centimetres and millimetres. Our rulers were fine for this. We measured both of our feet. Mrs Wymer's class did this last week and found out that lots of children had a left foot that was slightly bigger than the right. We were interested to see what we would find out.

Most of us did have one foot slightly bigger than the other but there was an even balance Someone (mentioning no names) was a bit worried that they had very small feet compared to everyone else until they realised they had been using the wrong side of the ruler and were measuring in inches! 

Then we moved onto kilometers. We didn't measure anything this time (for obvious reasons) but we did lots of converting between metres and kilometers, which tested our mental multiplication and division skills. Take a look at our clever bar models.

Mrs Purdom is still impressed with our neat presentation!

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