Friday 20th September


In Y4CW, we have had a very busy week finding out about the Celts.  We sat round a camp fire and talked about all the different jobs that were done in the community.  In pairs we then produced a poster about one of the jobs.  In our poster we had to include what the job entailed and how it benefited the rest of the community. We are going to put our finished posters on the wall.


We have been busy working on our history skills this week. We learnt the word CHRONOLOGY. We thought about what we already knew and used the iPads to research some key events in world history. We then made pictures of these events.

When we had finished, we went into  the playground and worked together to get our cards in chronological order.

It was a really tricky job but we did it! Our timeline is now up in our classroom and we are really proud of it.

A huge well done to our stars of the week - you may need to stand on your head for this one. We tried really hard and we just can't turn the pictures the right way round!

Our star swimmers are not quite right either. Oops!

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