Friday 21st June

Penpals young and old

We have been writing and receiving letters again in Y6JP. First of all, we got our second letters from our penpals in London. We were so excited to get another one! This time they had written all about where they are from and sent us maps and routes showing exactly where they live in London. Their school is in the East end of London and the nearest tube station is Aldgate East. They had looked on our website to see what our school was like - they thought we had a swimming pool because it said we went swimming!

We have also written a letter to a resident who lives in King's Court over the road from school. Her name is Jean and we wrote a letter from the whole class. We told her all about our school and all about our class. We are hoping to get a reply before we leave!


As part of our topic work on the human body, Y6JP are doing a project on life drawing. The first part is making portraits but to make it a bit different, we brought in accessories to wear. We had to be models and sit really still for each other.

Once we had made our pictures in pen (no rubbers needed!) we then used fabrics and copied the patterns to make a background.

Then we picked out just a few details to add colour. We used soft pastels. Here are a few examples of our finished work.

Past pupils return

On Thursday afternoon, in our year group assembly time, five y10 students from Tapton School came to do a presentation all about marine debris in our oceans. Four of the girls were past pupils from this school and one came from Nethergreen. They talked to us about the problem of marine debris and how we could help by recycling and being plastic aware. We were really pleased they came in to talk to us because, as you know, our school have been campaigning about being plastic clever too.


In 6CW we were considering what life might be like if we lived in a very poor community in India. We had to pretend that we had to leave our homes in the countryside as the crops hadn't grown that year. This meant we needed to move to an Indian city where the only job we could find was making paper bags for market sellers to sell their spices. We had 20 minutes in our groups to make as many bags as we possibly could. We were shown how to make a bag, then had to work as quickly as we could to produce our own. Some of them were not good enough so could not be used. In India ten bags would make one rupee. At the end of the 20 minutes we counted up how many bags we had made. We had to make at least 25 bags each in order to survive. It has made us all realize how fortunate we are to live in homes with several rooms and many taps - things that we take for granted. It was fun to do this for 20 minutes but all day every day would be tough.

'The Lost Words' exhibition

If you are in town over the weekend, pop down to the Millennium galleries and take a look at this exhibition - some of our art work is in there! Remember our whole school art from earlier in the year? Well, we have our otters, owls, herons and flowers on display. Be quick though - the exhibition is only on until Sunday!

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