Friday 22nd March

A visit from Mr Frostbite

Nigel Vardy (AKA Mr Frostbite) came to visit again this week. This time he was here to tell us his story about when he got injured on a climbing expedition to Mount McKinley in Alaska. He suffered severe frostbite and lost his fingers, toes, part of his cheek and his nose. It was a thrilling story about survival and friendship and never giving up. You can read more about his story here:

Nigel still climbs and has lots of other adventures. We think he is really inspiring!

"We think that he is a truly inspiring man and shared a wonderful story with us. He explained his story in great detail. He told us about how him and his friends had a climbing incident halfway up Mt. McKinley. We were so inspired by him because he fought for survival and carried on what he loves doing, even though he got frostbite and lost some of his fingers and toes" - Archie and Abdalla

"We think that Nigel's story was very meaningful, it definitely showed determination and teamwork amongst the three climbers (Steve Nigel and Anthony) . It was very realistic as we got to see images of Nigel's healing in hospital after the expedition on Mount Mckinley. He overall spent three months in the hospital due to frostbite and none of us could imagine his bravery while recovering. " Evie and Charlotte

"Despite it being a moving story, it was very inspiring. There were many gruesome pictures which made it more real and like we were there with him. It had funny bits too like when he said he had frostbite and he sneezed and his nose fell off!" Freya and James

Y6JP also made comic strips about what happened to Nigel and his friends on that fateful day. we are so glad it turned out ok in the end!


In 6CW we have updated a couple of our displays. We have shared our space homework and as it was of such a high standard we decided to display it. We are hoping to suspend some 3D planets from the ceiling but this is a work in progress.

On World book day we also wrote some book reviews about the books that we have read that we thought our classmates might enjoy. We are always on the look out for good recommendations for books and like to update our library.

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to these two. Miss Ghelani and Miss Marston have been with us for a four week block placement and the end of their time here has come. We are sad to see them go but we have had lots of fun in their lessons and learnt a lot from them. We hope they have learnt a lot from us too.

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