Friday 22nd November

Whole School Art

It's that time of year when all the children at Lydgate Juniors make a piece of art work that gets displayed around the school. We have all been working hard to create our final pieces on the theme of 'Fantastic Creatures.'

Y4CW made demon dogs from clay. They were based on the legend of the black shuck - a hound who is said to have roamed the Norfolk coastline looking for its drowned master.

Y4JP made shields based on Caravaggio's Medusa.

He made the oil painting based on his own image so the children used photographs of themselves in their finished pieces. They created snakes for hair using acrylic paint and oil pastels.

Y4RD made silhouettes of mermaids with collage tails. They used an idea by a real life artist as inspiration.

Y4SS made large scale paintings of dragons. This book gave them some really good ideas.

The art went up around school on Tuesday (over 480 pieces!) We all tried to find our work on Wednesday morning. Can you spot our Y4 dragons, demon dogs, mermaids and Medusas?


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