Friday 23rd October 2020

This week in Y5EC we have been doing statistics in our maths lessons. We have practised interpreting different types of graphs and tables, and have had a go at drawing our own line graphs. We collected some data about heart rate, and presented it as a line graph. We realised that it is really important to choose a good scale so everything fits on. 

In English, we have written some fantastic instructions. If you followed our step by step guides, you would be able to make your very own Egyptian mummy! It is a really disgusting process. Did you know they take the people's brains out through their nose? 

We also enjoyed painting the amulets that we made on Egyptian day. We used metallic acrylic paints, and they look really great! 

Miss Cunningham thinks we have all worked really hard this half term, and made a great start to Y5! We have also filled our marble jar, so next half term we can have a class treat! Yay! 

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