Friday 24th May

Y6 Forest Schools - Outdoor Cooking week.
Throughout the week all of the Y6 classes each spent a day in the woods, doing various activities.
First, in our groups of about 10 we built our dens that we would use for the day. Each group had different resources to build their group's den. After that, groups started doing various activities. We learnt how to use a flint and steel and learnt how to set up a small fire. Then we got a stick and peeled it with a peeler to make them sharp so we could put marshmallows on them for later. Just letting you know, the three groups did some of the activities at different times.

Then we were showed how to use a bow saw and a hand saw and made small benches, by chopping logs to make a base (which we would sit on) and we also chopped off two legs. After that, we got pitta bread and put a squirt of ketchup and a pinch of cheese, folded it and then put on the fire. After that we put marshmallows on our sticks and roasted them.

We had a great time and learnt lots of skills.

Happy holidays.....

To all our fantastic year 6s - thank you for working so hard over the last few weeks. You have done yourselves, your families and your teachers proud. Enjoy your well earned break.

Fingers crossed for sunshine! Image result for sunshine

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