Friday 25th October

Fantastic Creatures by 4CW

In 4CW this week, we have been busy making our clay demon dogs for our whole school art project ' Fantastic Creatures.'  Demon dogs are based around the myth of 'Black Shuck' who was believed to roam around the area of Sussex many centuries ago.  Everybody made their own dog, following certain steps to get there but each one is unique.  There was an awful lot of mess, but an awful lot of fun and we think they are going to look fabulous when they are displayed around the school.  

Y4JP class assembly

On Tuesday afternoon, we did our class assembly for our parents and families. We shared some of the things we have been doing so far this year. We sang songs, read some emotion poems, showed some paintings of Romulus and Remus and even demonstrated yoga poses. 

Everyone remembered their words and sang their hearts out. We were very proud of ourselves and we think our parents were too!

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