Friday 25th September


We have had a very busy, happy week! We have learnt all about what life was like for the Celts in Britain before the Romans invaded; we have learnt how sound is made through vibrations; we have practised our passing and catching skills in rugby; we  have done a maths test (and smiled all the way through!) and we have had our photographs taken.

Our class timeline is finally finished. We managed to get it all in chronological order and it is hanging right across our classroom. We have included lots of important historical events and learnt lots from each other. 

We have been busy writing poetry too. First of all, we discussed how words paint a picture in all of us and how those pictures are different for everyone. We experimented with similes and made a class poem for our working wall. We learnt the difference between similes and metaphors and had a go at writing our own poems using metaphors. We found it tricky at first but we persevered and we all improved. Mrs Purdom was so proud of us! Here are a few examples of our poems. Do they paint a picture for you?

We also love our PE in 4JP. Here we are joining in with some disco iMoves and showing off our best dancing to 'Jumpstart Johnny'. You can join in at home here:


Another hardworking and lovely week in 4JD. We completed some great presentations this week about how sound is made through vibrations and how our ears work. Mrs. Drury was very impressed and we enjoyed watching them back. We've completed our maths assessments now and have played lots of rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 games. Stevie Wonder was our artist of the week and we enjoyed his funky music! Forest schools was lots of fun as you can see from our pictures this week.

Mrs Drury told us a traditional Norwegian story about three brothers and a mean troll who lived in the woods. If you ask me I might be able to tell you the story, it involves some cottage cheese, a white bird, a sack and some oatmeal! We made our own clay trolls and then created mazes and houses for them out of natural objects. This was something Norwegian sailors used to do on the beaches with shells and stones to keep the trolls from causing mischief!

As you can see all our trolls were different and had their own unique personalities, just like all of us. Every week we are getting to know each other better. 


We have had another lovely week and have enjoyed lots of art work especially on Friday.  We listened to the story of Romulus and Remus which is an ancient myth about how Rome came to be called Rome.  We then each took different parts of the story and did a watercolour painting of that scene.  We also took part in the World's largest lesson which is all about global goals.  Part of our homework will be to tell you all about it and what we can do to support it.  


And finally, a note about swimming:

Swimming lessons start this Thursday (1st October) for 4JP and 4SS. Our other two classes will start their block later in the year.

You should have received two letters via email, one from school and one from Sheffield Swim Service. If you haven't, please let the school office know and we will get them out to you straight away.

Please remember to shower at home, come to school 'beach ready' and don't forget your pants!

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