Friday 27th November

In Year 5 BB, we have been working hard with our English topic of ‘The Highway Man’. The children performed the poem as a class and did really well pronouncing the tricky words! We have also enjoyed our music lessons with Mrs Risdale on Wednesday afternoons.

We have been learning different techniques using the glockenspiels and lots of us feel confident when we use them now. We were also really lucky because Mrs Risdale showed us a classic music video of a person dressed as a highway man!

In basketball we have been learning how to dribble, chest pass, bounce pass and over head pass. When we pass to each other, we need to react quickly. When we are dribbling, we need to be low and fast so nobody can tackle us easily.

Erin 5BB

In Y5NL this half term, we have been doing gymnastics with Mr Wright. We have been learning how to do rotations (teddy bear rolls, pencils rolls, forward rolls and backward rolls) and balances (mirror balances, counter balances and level balances). We have also been learning about good presentation. 
Today, we worked in pairs and groups of three to make our own routines, including 5 different rotations and balances. We had time to practise them and then performed them to a different group. 
Here are some of the rotations and balances from our routines. 

We have had another busy week in Y5EC! 

We have being talking about mental health in school this year, and this week we learned some really interesting facts about the brain! We found out about 3 parts of the brain which help us to control how we are feeling and acting. Did you know a part of the brain called the amygdala can make you feel scared or angry, but we can calm it down by doing some deep breathing to help us think clearly. 

Our topic this half term is Spain, and we used our ICT lesson this week to research some interesting facts about a city in Spain. We found out about the food, climate, and landscape around the cities, and looked up any famous buildings or people from there. Next week, we are going to make a poster about our chosen city to present to the rest of the class. 

We have also done some beautiful artwork this week. We have a lovely new area at the back of our base for group work, and there is a big display board there which needed filling! We have painted some snowy, wintery pictures on black paper, and added glitter to make them look frosty. They will look great when they are up on the wall! 

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