Friday 27th November

We had two exciting extra things happening in Year 4 this week. First of all, it was our turn to take part in the Sheffield schools Skipathon.  By the end of the week, our skipping skills had really improved. Some of the moves were very tricky, like the figure of 8. Kate from Y4SS learnt how to do ‘the pretzel’ which is skipping with one arm under your leg - very impressive!

We also had an ancient Roman visitor via Zoom! Roman Tours were supposed to come to school to do a workshop with us but, because of Covid restrictions, we had a virtual talk instead. It was great! We learnt all about gladiators and about  how important bath houses were to Roman citizens.

" I think I learnt much more about the Romans. My favourite fact was that they could sell their kids!"


" I didn't know the Romans shared a poo stick instead of toilet paper. They dipped it in sour wine to get rid of the germs."


"I love learning about the Romans anyway but I particularly liked learning about the gladiators."


" I didn't know you could own a gladiator and if you were a gladiator and won 20 fights, you got an engraved wooden sword and got set free."


Science in 4CW

In 4CW, we have had an exciting time investigating which type of chocolate melts the quickest.  We worked in our table groups testing out how quickly white, dark and milk chocolate melted using our stop watches to time the process.  Many of us were surprised to find that it was dark chocolate that melted first.  This is because there are less ingredients in dark chocolate and it has a higher content of cocoa.  Here are a few pictures of some of us conducting our experiments. 

Writing and art in 4JP

In 4JP we have continued to learn about Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We wrote some descriptive paragraphs describing the scene before and after the volcano erupted. We thought carefully about phrases we could use in our writing. We made  sense tables to help us.

We LOVED looking at the pictures of Mount Vesuvius that were made by Andy Warhol. He used lots of bright colours and bold lines. We had a go at making our own.

After we had written our descriptive paragraphs, we copied out our writing onto tracing paper. We had to be very careful as it could easily smudge. We put this over our Andy Warhol volcanoes so that the showed through. It looks kind of cloudy - like it's clouded in ash.

We are so proud of our work. Here it is on display in our classroom.

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