Friday 2nd October


The whole school are busy working on a new whole school art theme of Fairy tales. Next week, everyone in the school will have a piece of art work displayed in the main school building. 4JP have listened to lots of fairy tales over the last few weeks and we decided to do 'Little Red Riding Hood' paintings for the exhibition. 

First of all, we looked at some photographs of woods that Mrs Purdom had taken over the holidays. We also looked at different illustrations of Little Red Riding Hood. We used them to make ideas boards. We made little sketches and experimented with colours before deciding on our final composition. 

When we were ready, we learnt how to use acrylic paints and painted our enchanted forests. We thought carefully about the colours we needed to mix and we added more and more detail as we went along.

We enjoyed adding the finishing touches of glitter and sparkles and, of course, our Little Red Riding Hoods! 

We enjoyed another forest schools session on Wednesday morning. It was a little bit rainy but we didn't mind. This week was all about using our eyes and being observant. We noticed some changes in the woods. There were more leaves on the floor and it was a little lighter as the canopy of leaves isn't as dense. We tried to identify some of the trees from the shapes of the leaves.

 Then we looked closely at the trunks of the trees. It's amazing what you can see if you REALLY stand and focus. We looked for faces in the bark but we found other things too!

Here are some of the faces we found.

And here are two eyes looking straight at you!

Can you spot a witch, a dinosaur, a skull and an owl?

We even found time for a spot of spontaneous den building! Liam and Isaac were the project managers and pretty soon, the whole class joined in. We had an ideas person, a human conveyor belt, designers, engineers and labourers. Great fun and a fantastic team effort.

In 4CW we have also been busy completing our whole school art project and our theme was Rapunzel.  We have had great fun making the castles out of kitchen roll holders and Rapunzels out of dolly pegs.  We used our skills and really worked together on this one.  Some of us are experts at plaiting hair and some of us are expert painters.  We all helped each other and here are just a few of our finished models.  All of them will be on display around the school next week.

We have also been in the woods this week and made nests to keep our door mice warm.  Our door mice were actually little containers filled with hot water.  We took the temperature of the water before we put them in the nests then after play time we took the temperature again.  We discovered that the best nests, were those that were tightly packed in mud and leaves.  The winning nest only dropped by 2 degrees. 


This week has been another busy one and we enjoyed our world's biggest lesson. This was all about the 16 global goals. Our class focus was clean and affordable energy. Mrs.Drury really enjoyed looking at our homework books this week, as our work was also based on this. We produced some great posters in class too, which will eventually go on display in the school hall.

We enjoyed getting some boom whackers out this week! We created some lovely diagrams in our books to show our understanding of volume and pitch, as part of our science topic of sound.  We now understand how the pitch and the speed of the vibration, is affected by the shape, tension and size of the sound source. The bottles were interesting (when Mrs.Drury finally got a noise out of them!) but the boom whackers were the best bit. We enjoyed listening to different boom whacker music afterwards. 

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