Friday 2nd October 2020

In Y5BB, we have been working hard in English to complete our first piece of best writing. We were writing about being inside an Egyptian tomb, and have spent lessons building up different SPaG features to make our writing the best it could be. We imagined what it would be like by watching a video of a character making his way through the tomb searching for hidden treasure! 

In ICT, we have been making our own PowerPoints all about the process of mummification. We have also been researching Tutankhamun and creating PowerPoints all about him. Some of us even found one of the characters from our class book in our research!

Y5NL have been learning a funny Egyptian dance. We had so much fun although it was quite embarrassing to perform. We gathered into small groups like a 2, 3, or fours to make it easier.  Then we had to make a short routine using the Egyptian moves shown by the woman on the video. Mrs Loosely came round with an iPad and took some pictures like the ones shown below. There was one particular dance move that made us all giggle!  We did them in either a line, a circle or a triangle although some people did different formations. 

 We really enjoyed this Egyptian dance - it was a lot of fun! 

Written by Hollie and Minnie 

Year 5WR have been working really hard in whole school art. They have been painting delicate white trees and designing and cutting out silhouettes for our wintery scene.

In English, all the children have produced lovely best writing. They have written a diary of an Egyptian explorer who discovers an ancient tomb.

The photo shows the children performing on the new xylophones . This week, the children have improvised using a pentatonic scale to accompany some jazz music .

This week in Y5EC we have been working really hard on writing diary entries. We watched a video about a man named Tadeo Jones, who was exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb,  and there was a funny surprise at the end of the video! We then wrote his diary, and Miss Cunningham thinks that it is definitely the best writing we have done so far this year. We thought really carefully about including the features of a diary, such as informal language and the author's thoughts and feelings. Here are some great examples of sentences which we have used in our work. 

"As I went into the spooky, ancient tomb, I felt a shiver go down my spine." - Ben

"I came face to face with a ferocious lava river." - Jakub

"Finally, after hours of searching, I found what I had been looking for. The treasure room!" - Ethan F

"The thing is, when mummies are chasing you, you've got to run!" - Ada 

"I could feel the cold air wrapping around me, but I pressed on anyway." - Hannah

"I wandered through narrow passageways, when a rock slammed behind me and it pulled my backpack off." - Oliver

Next week we will be editing our writing, then presenting it as the first piece of work in our Best Writing books. When we are done, it will be even better than it is already! 


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