Friday 31st January

In 4 CW this week, we have been perfecting our work on division.  We have partitioned our numbers in different ways using the part whole model and have even been working with remainders.  We are getting quite confident with it and will be working with bigger numbers next week.  Here are a few good examples of our work.

In our study of the Amazon Rain forest, we have been looking at the different climatic regions of the world and understanding the difference between weather and climate.  We know that we live in a temperate climate and that the Amazon Rain Forest is in a tropical climate.

In 4R/D we have been working hard on learning about the different layers of the Amazon Rain Forest.

We produced some beautiful labelled diagrams to show our understanding.

Some of us did some great description of what each layer was like and what different animals lived in this diverse habitat.

We have been busy this week planning and preparing to write our adventure stories. We had to include a robot hero, a helper and an enemy. They have to encounter a challenge in the story, just like the Iron Man and Hogarth did when they met the space-bat-angel-dragon. We will share some of our stories next week.
We have also been working hard on grid multiplication and we are now ready to move onto short multiplication. It's taken a lot of practice and resilience but we are definitely getting there!
In between maths and English, we have been learning about lines of latitude and longitude and had fun working out different time zones around the world.

The Emerald Crown
Next week will see us beginning to rehearse our year group performance of 'The Emerald Crown.' We have been practising our lines, dances and songs. Keep learning those words at home too so we are ready for a brilliant show on Thursday 13th February. What a brilliant way to mark the mid-point of our year!

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