Friday 4th October

Year 4 go to the movies!

On Tuesday, the whole year group took the number 120 bus into town to go to The Light Cinema to see the Rotten Romans.  This was a fantastic introduction to our topic as we are going to be studying the Romans in more depth this term - it was really funny too.  We were able to have a whole screen to ourselves and the teachers even supplied us with treats.  Thank you to all the parents that volunteered to give up their morning to help us travel there and back; we couldn't have done it without you.  

Life as a Celt

Y4JP have been learning about what life was like in Britain before the Romans invaded. We found out about life in a Celtic settlement and all the different jobs they did. We sat round a pretend camp fire and acted out the different jobs like blacksmiths, healers, hunters, farmers, weavers and druids. We had to try and guess what the jobs were. 

 We talked about which jobs we thought were the most important but it was hard to decide! In the end, we thought that ALL the jobs were as important as each other - even children had to collect firewood and water.

Then we got into groups and made information posters to show all the different jobs and how everyone worked together in a tribe.

We are really proud of them. Here they are, on display in our classroom.

Stars of the week

It was too difficult to choose this week as the teachers were so impressed by everyone's behaviour on our visit to the cinema on Tuesday. We had compliments from members of the public and we thought you were super resilient when we had a long wait in the pouring rain! Well done to all of you.

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