Friday 6th December

Solids Liquids and Gases

In 6CW we have been creating presentations about interesting materials that don't quite fit into the category of either liquid or solid although they may have properties of each.  We looked at jelly, shaving foam, sand, blutack, and crushed biscuits.  We then did a short presentation to the rest of the class on our findings and how we would classify them.  

6CW Swimmer of the week

Well done Gus.  Gus was chosen for his enthusiasm throughout the lesson.


We have been working hard on our 6x and 12x tables this term and we are seeing some progress. Songs help us because we LOVE singing! We worked on an investigation this week where we had to look for patterns in different times tables. We underlined the end digit of the product for each multiplication and then drew straight lines in order around a numbered circle. We were surprised at what happened and we looked for links between the tables and tried to explain why. We also tried to present our work systematically too. We have been working hard on presentation, especially in our maths books!

We had our final Roman Lydgate Studios session today, finishing our story books and creating a 3D scene of one of the pages in our shoeboxes. We have worked so hard on them and we are pleased with the results. Some of our work is going to be displayed in our new school library. We think Janine will be really proud!

Christmas has arrived in Y4JP today! We had fun decorating the tree and putting tinsel up around the classroom. We have also got an advent tree where we take an animal each day and create a woodland scene. Next week, we're going to do some Christmas baking for our class treat.

And finally, congratulations to Lolia, our swimmer of the week. She listened to her teacher and showed great resilience this week. Well done Lolia!

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