Friday 6th March

World Book Day in Year 4

On Thursday, we all had a fantastic day with a range of reading based activities to celebrate World Book Day.  We dressed up as a character from our favourite book, we raced round the school grounds trying to work out clues and unscramble the names of well known books and we also had to work out which staff had chosen certain books as their favourite books when they were young using clues from what they had written.  Many of us also brought in blankets and pillows to help with our cosy reading sessions that also happened throughout the day.  Here are some photos of the day.

4JP also had a fabulous time on World Book Day. Here we are at the book shop, the book swap and enjoying our new library.

Miss Jones and Miss Bointon read us 'The Day the Crayons Quit.' 

We had a big surprise after playtime when we realised our chairs had quit! They were fed up with being bashed about and rocked on so we had to write a letter to say sorry so that we could get them back. 


As promised from last week, here is a picture of some of our great homework on display.

4JP shared their homework too this week. We had such a range - powerpoints, leaflets, posters, models.......

........we even had a clay leopard! Impressive work.

4JP enjoyed some time in the woods this week for our first forest schools session of the term. We played a game of 'Would you rather?' We had hot chocolate and biscuits (of course!) However, most of our time was spent creating masterpieces out of natural materials. We looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and used his art as inspiration for our own work. We think we did a good job.

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