Friday 6th November

What a busy week we have had in 4CW!  We now have our animal themed class charter up and running and are referring to it daily.  It is certainly keeping us focused and kind.  We chose the rights we wanted to focus on and then thought about the actions both children and adults in school can do to help make it happen.  Everyone of us has drawn an animal to represent our commitment to following this charter.

In outdoor games we have started to learn hockey skills.  This week, we were getting familiar with the stick and passing the ball to each other.  

We had promised Rev Suzanne Knockles that we would make some wreaths for Remembrance Sunday.  We had lots of fun creating a wreath together.  This is what the egg boxes were needed for! 

And finally........ Mrs Wymer could not get over the quality of our Roman homework.  We spent Friday afternoon presenting it to each other and learning many new facts about the Romans that we didn't know before.  We have displayed it around the classroom.

It was our turn to have a karate lesson with Karate Sam this week. We really enjoyed ourselves and learnt lots of new moves. We learn how to punch and kick properly, we worked in pairs with the pads and we even had a go with the nunchucks! Jess and Rhys were our experts but we all improved in the lesson. It was great fun and very tiring. Thank you Karate Sam.

We also learnt all about Remembrance Day this week. We learnt about why we wear poppies and what they mean. We listened to some war poetry and wrote some of our own in our very best handwriting. We also made this beautiful wreath for Tapton Hill Congregational Church. 

We have worked very hard on our class charter too. We decided on a Roman theme and if you look very closely, you will see that we are the Roman citizens in the Colosseum. We thought very carefully about which articles are important to us and how we can all make sure that we are respecting each other and being kind. We are proud of our charter and we think we are a great team!

We spent this afternoon sharing our holiday homework. We learnt lots from each other because we had such an amazing range of work - Mrs Purdom was super  impressed! We had Roman menus, model chariots, a couple of colosseums, a Roman temple, mosaics, birthdays written in Roman numerals, house and garden plans and adverts, a newspaper, a poster about gods and godesses, we even had a display case complete with Roman weapons. Unbelievable!

And here it all is, on display in our classroom.

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