Friday 7th February


In 4 CW this week, we have been writing our stories based on our work from the Iron Man.  The main focus for us was starting our sentences in different ways to make it more interesting for the reader.  Read a few of our examples below.


In 4R/D we have been continuing our book study sessions on Katherine Rundell's 'The Explorer', predicting what might happen next and adding the word 'sceptical' to our word vocabulary.

In science, we wrote about Danny the rain drop and described his endless journey through the water cycle.


We have also been working hard on our writing. We have written our adventure stories which are all really long - Elsie went onto her 4th page! Mrs Purdom is looking forward to reading them but she said she wanted to be 'hooked in' from the very first sentence. We tried our best. What do you think?

'Lying alone in the rubble, the only thing for miles around, lay a tiny clockwork mouse.' 

'In less than a minute, Harry had invented his robot.'

'Suddenly, a giant doughnut hit the earth.'

'Slowly, very slowly, it was getting quieter and quieter. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the spider appeared.'

'Faster than the speed of light, the robot ran up the beach with the ship tucked underneath his arm.'

We have loved creating our robots and writing our stories. They were all different - some of us had really crazy ideas!

We have also been learning all about the different climate zones around the world. We used atlases, information books and the internet to help us understand the words POLAR, TEMPERATE, TROPICAL and DESERT. Then we made maps with a key to indicate where these climate zones were in the world. We could clearly see that the Amazon rainforest is in a tropical zone. We are going to zoom in further next week to see what life is like in that area. We are really proud of our precise map work.

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