Friday 8th January 2021

Happy New Year to all of our Y6 pupils and families. It certainly hasn't been the start to the year that we were expecting, however we are delighted with the Year 6's attitudes and perseverance.

Next week as part of our RRS focus, we will be asking everyone to think of their New Year's Resolutions and which goals they would like to set for themselves. We will discuss these goals in our Year 6 class assemblies via Zoom.

Both in and out of school, we have been planning and writing a sequel based on the suspense story 'Alma' in English.

Also, we have started our new topic : The Amazing Americas. How many of the states do you know? Why not take the quiz below to see how many you can name, or challenge a family member:

We compared this to how we have counties in England and we tried to name some of those too. Have a go at the quiz below to see how many you or a family member can name:

If you would like to learn some more of the states of America, why not learn the following song to help you:

Finally in maths, we have been calculating the area of triangles and parallelograms. We will continue to learn about perimeter and area next week and will also move onto volume.

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