Friday 8th March

The Apprentice Sale.

Our doors opened for business on Wednesday morning at our Year 6 Apprentice Sale. We had been busy preparing, making, baking and organising and the day had finally arrived. Every class in the school visited and spent their money. We had a wide variety of stalls - keyrings, friendship bracelets, yummy cakes and biscuits, fruit kebabs, tombola, smoothies, hot chocolate, lots of games and challenges, something for everyone.

It was a huge success and we raised an amazing record amount of £967.94 which will be added to our Edale Fund. INCREDIBLE!

We are so proud of ourselves and would like to thank everyone for all their hard work and all our parents, families and friends for supporting us.

World Book Day.

This was a great day for all of Year 6. We all had a cosy read to enjoy our favourite books. Most of us dressed up as some book characters. This was an amazing day as we all got to do a scavenger hunt organised by Miss Norris. We had to follow clues and find out the name of different books that you should read before you leave primary school. As well as that, there was a secret reader challenge where 18 of the teachers took a photo of themselves with a book in front of their face so we couldn't tell who it was. Then we had to guess who the teacher was. It was really easy to guess which one was Mrs Loosley because she was sat in a pink chair. Everyone had lots of fun; we enjoyed reading, too.

Chess champion crowned in Y6JP

After a hard fought match in the final of our chess tournament, we finally have a winner!

Well done to everyone who took part, thank you to the organisers and congratulations to our champion. Enjoy your book and chocolate!

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